Masala Tea, Ginger  & Lemon Grass Tea  from ILAM ,Nepal 100% Organic

Masala Tea, Ginger & Lemon Grass Tea from ILAM ,Nepal 100% Organic

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Pearl Green Tea from ILAM ,Nepal
Premium Quality. 100% Organic
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100% Organic Pearl Green Tea from ILAM ,Nepal Premium Quality. WORLDWIDE POST . Condition is New. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st class

Namaste & Greetings from HimalayanSpices 
Based in London selling Organic Tea grown on the Foothill steps of Naturally Beautiful Himalayan Country Nepal .Tea from Ilam of Nepal . 

Here we are trying to reach you with the Taste of Himalayan Tea from our office here in London. 
We have been working with the Tea Farmer of Nepal . 

How best to brew this divine full-leaf tea: 

1. Place enough pearls to cover the bottom of the cup with a single layer. 
2. Start heating about 2 to 3 cups of cold, filtered water until you get Shrimp Eyes (140-160F). When these tiny bubbles cover the bottom of the pan, pour the water into the guywan. 
3. Cover and wait about a minute until the leaves begin to open, then watch as they settle, stroking the liquid occasionally with the lid. 
4. In 2 to 3 minutes your first sip is ready. 

Type: pearl Green Tea 
Tea Type: Green 
Tea Origin: Ilam Nepal 
Weight: 50g
Features: Natural Green Tea 

Package Includes: 
1x 50g Pearl Green Tea 

Nepali Green Pearl Tea- A Fresh Vegetal Green Tea

Origin: Ilam, Nepal 
Infusion Suggestion: 180, 2.5 min 
Certifications: Rainforest Alliance Certified 

Nepali Green Pearl: A vegetal and fresh Himalayan green tea rolled into tight pearls that release complex tastes over multiple infusions. 
These tightly wound pearls are made by the Himalayan Tea Farmers in Ilam Nepal .  Producers first roast and then roll the green leaf into tight pearls. The tea's vegetal subtleties express themselves over the course of many infusions ranging from bright and invigorating to mellow and soft. 

Taste: Nepali Green Pearls is a bright and invigorating green tea.  It jumps out of the cup with vegetal and seaweed undertones familiar in Japanese green teas. These tightly wounds pearls unfurl with a magnitude of flavor that beckons a watchful steep. 

Production: Green teas are typically made just before the onset of the monsoons.  Farmers pluck the entire bud-set (two leaves and a bud) and bring it to the factory to wither before being rolled to break the cell wall and begin oxidation.  The leaves are quickly transferred to a rolling machine that gently tosses the tea until the bud-sets are rolled into tight balls. 

Region:  Ilam is Nepal’s best-known tea growing region, opposite of Darjeeling on Nepal’s eastern border catching views of Mt Everest hundreds of miles in the distance.  While tea has long been part of Ilam’s history, its teas were not sold as “Nepali” tea, but rather disguised as “Darjeeling” since they are such similar soils and growing conditions.  As Darjeeling teas become increasingly difficult to obtain, Ilam teas will be integral in the world tea market.