Taylor & Colledge Vanilla Pods 2 Pack

Taylor & Colledge Vanilla Pods 2 Pack

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Taylor & Colledge Vanilla Pods 2 Pack


  • These Taylor & Colledge Vanilla Pods are sourced from one of the most renowned vanilla growing regions and have a subtle, fruity aroma with hints of anise and cherry. The pods are plump and flexible - sign of high quality, which makes them easy to split and use in your favourite recipes. Ideal for creamy desserts and infusing custards, syrups and cream.
  • Vanilla pods are a type of owering orchid found in lush tropical regions. To create a single green vanilla pod, each orchid ower must be hand pollinated during the one day of the season the ower is open. Following a lengthy curing process, these green pods are transformed into exquisite black vanilla pods used for baking and desserts.
  • Organic
  • Fair trade
  • Easy to remove the vanilla seeds
  • Pop your used vanilla pod into a jar of sugar to infuse the sugar with the vanilla flavour



2 Whole Organic Certified Vanilla Bean Pods


Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Avoid direct sunlight.Best Before End See base of pack.

Produce of

Packaged in Australia

Preparation and Usage

  • Directions
  • Use a sharp knife to split the pods lengthways to expose the vanilla seeds.
  • Scrape the seeds out and use as directed in your recipe.
  • The empty pod can be placed in a jar of sugar to infuse with vanilla flavour.