Taj Mahal Tea Indian Brooke Bond  Loose leaf Tea 450g

Taj Mahal Tea Indian Brooke Bond Loose leaf Tea 450g

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 Taj Mahal Tea Indian Brooke Bond Loose leaf Tea 450g

 Taj Mahal Brand Indian Brook Bond Special famous Loose Leaf Black Tea 450gm Pack

Enjoy the perfect taste of a priceless cup of tea
Ordinary teas usually provide either Strength or just Flavour. New Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea gives you the much-coveted perfect balance of both strength and exquisite flavour. This makes it a priceless cup of tea. Only Taj contains the Finest tea leaves that gives you strong taste, great flavour and an unmatchable tea experience. New Taj Mahal - perfect tea, beyond compare...
No wonder Taj has been a preferred choice of the discerning as a symbol of the best of India.

Since 1869 Brooke Bond's specialists have selected tender leaves from the best gardens to scientifically and ceremonially bring nature's gift to you. Tea is expertly tasted, graded and perfectly blended in the unique Brooke Bond Tea Excellence Centre to cheer your senses in all moments of life.

A quality product from Hindustan Unilever Limited

Pack Size: 450g

International New  pack
Strength & flavour in a perfect blend
Exclusive selection of finest teas
Selection of the finest tea leaves
A unique blend to give you the best combination of strength and flavour
Suitable for vegetarians

Black Tea

Store in a cool, dry place.
Preparation and Usage:
Stir and serve right away. Add milk or sugar to taste.