Niru Tamarind Paste (Concentrate, Smooth) 454g

Niru Tamarind Paste (Concentrate, Smooth) 454g

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Tamarind Paste: Larger Pack

  • Dark, sticky and rich with flavour.
  • Tastes sweet with a bitter lemon-like edge - very strong.
  • Ideal for Indian & Asian style sauces.

Tamarind is a sour fruit that is used frequently in Asian cooking, from India right through to the Far East. Its sourness is used in a similar way to how lemons are used, but it has a deeper flavour and is more gentle.

The whole tamarind fruit has a shell, a peel and seeds that make it very awkward to use. However, this Tamarind paste is smooth, and can just be spooned into meals. We have chosen this tamarind paste because it does not contain salt like many other tamarind pastes. It is just smooth, pureed tamarind with a little bit of water to help it flow better.