MDH Henna Powder 100g

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MDH Natural Herbal Heena Treatment Hair Powder 100g 

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MDH Natural Herbal Henna Hair Treatment 100g

A skin Conditioner 


The Henné Color neutral Henna powder treatment is a non-coloring 100%-plant-based product. Neutral henna is a different plant from coloring henna but has the same beneficial properties on hair and scalp. Henna has a strengthening, antiseptic, antiseborrheic effect. It adds suppleness, shine and volume to the hair. Sourced from India, our neutral henna is carefully selected and checked, and is free from heavy metals p-Phenylenediamine (PPD), that can cause certain henna tattoos to lead to serious allergies. It is made to enable easier application and optimized hair care results. For your safety, independent specialized laboratories carry out microbiological tests on our products. This neutral Henna powder treatment can be used on natural or colored hair.


Heena Powder 

Soak MSG Heena Powder in clean warm water at least an hour before application during marriage & festive occasions. 


Ingredients : Heena ( Lawsonia inermis extract )

To make Paste mix heena with warm water .