Lotus Flower Seeds from India ( Water Lily Seeds )

Lotus Flower Seeds from India ( Water Lily Seeds )

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Lotus seeds no dormant period, as long as the water temperature can be maintained at 16 ℃ above the four seasons can be planted. Lotus seeds in the temperature, light suitable conditions, from sowing to flowering spring takes 50-60 days, fall 60-80 days.

Planting method:
1st, the seed treatment:
lotus seed shell hard and dense, soaking before the artificial must be broken, lotus seeds have a small tip, the other end of a small pits. The end of a small pits in the rough concrete floor worn or with a pair of tiger pliers clip a small mouth, careful not to pinch the embryo, and do not shell.

2nd, the soaking germination:
summer water temperature 20 ℃ -30 ℃ is suitable for lotus seed germination, depending on the number of seeds with a bowl or pot of water to soak the seeds for the degree. Placed in the room, twice a day for water, 1 week can germinate. After the bud placed in the sun, strengthen the light, not water. 2 weeks after the growth of fine roots and 2 to 3 young tender leaves, until the leaves such as money-like, root formation can be classified.

3rd, sprout colonization:
selection diameter 20cm ~ 50cm bottomless pots or plastic flower pots, pots plus half pots of pastoral soil or no chemical pollution of the river pond mud, two weeks in advance to add water soaking, do not fertilize. When planting the small root of the small seedlings into the mud, each pot of a plant. After planting, add appropriate amount of water, water is not submerged small lotus leaf is appropriate.

4th, fertilizer management:
transplant 2 to 3 weeks later, to be into the growth period (summer), this time the demand for water is the largest, so the whole summer should pay attention to the cylinder can not be dehydrated. Rainy season rainfall is more concentrated, Tang Ping lotus water level can not be submerged leaves, pay attention to timely drainage, to avoid the Dutch suffered the disaster.

#Our Lotus Seeds are from India .