Kenco Pure Costa Rican Instant Coffee 100G

Kenco Pure Costa Rican Instant Coffee 100G

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Kenco Pure Costa Rican Instant Coffee 100G


Product Description

  • Freeze Dried Instant Coffee
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  • Dark and feisty, this coffee is unique to the rich, volcanic soil and warm climate of Costa Rica. Isn't it time to take a trip to the dark side? Explore the rest of the Kenco range, from Barista Style Millicano Americano to Coffee shop style Cappuccino and Latte.
  • If you like your coffee intense and aromatic, experience a single origin cup of Costa Rican coffee.
  • Costa Rica's rich volcanic soil and sunny climate enlivens these beans with a vibrant depth and intensity.
  • Adventure with single origin for an original cup to discover.
  • Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
  • Single origin
  • Intense and aromatic
  • Pack size: 100G



Store in a cool dry place.

Preparation and Usage

  • Preparation: Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of coffee to your cup and add hot water, just off the boil.

Number of uses

62 Servings