Kashmiri Tea, Pink Tea, Loose Leaf 140g

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Kashmiri Tea, Pink Tea, Loose Leaf

What makes Kashmiri tea pink?
Sure, the special Kashmiri green tea leaves are an important ingredient in making good pink tea. But there's more to the pink color- green tea reacts with Sodium bi carbonate (NaHCO3), i.e. baking soda, in water, and turns red in high temperature. To this red, when milk is added, it becomes rosy pink. Yum!

What is pink tea used for?
Pink tea, also known as Noon chai, is a traditional Kashmiri beverage served with local pastries and dried fruit. Although typical from Kashmir, this tea is also found in Pakistan, where it is served on special occasions such as weddings or feasts, and during the winter time.

What is Kashmiri tea good for?
Improves Digestion & Metabolism
Kahwa is known for helping in digestion. A cup of this tea can cleanse the digestive tract and keep it working smoothly. It also paces up the metabolism of the body. The Kashmiri cuisine is a very rich and complex combination of flavours and ingredients.