Himalayan Jimbu (जिम्बु) Himalayan Herb Jimbu 

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Himalayan Herb Jimbu - dried leaves of a local onion species - (जिम्बु)

Jimbu imported from Nepal . 

Also known as Himalayan aromatic leaf garlic, jimbuis a dried aromatic herb that is virtually unknown outside the Himalayan region.  The herb looks like dry brownish-green grass and has a distinct flavor somewhat similar to garlic and shallots.  It is found wild throughout many regions of Nepal. 

The herb, which has a taste in between onion and chives, is most commonly used dried. In Mustang, Nepal it is used to flavor vegetables, pickles, meat. In the rest of Nepal it is most commonly used to flavor urad dal or lentils. The dried leaves are fried in ghee to develop their flavor


The leaves and tender stems are carefully picked and dried, which weakens the flavor, but this is reversed by browning in hot oil until fully fragrant.  Nepalese have a remarkable fondness for this herb and they use it as a tempering spice to flavor daals, vegetables, salads, and pickles.  For more information, please check Wikipedia