Goond Katira Tragacanth Gum Premium Quality

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KATIRA GOOND Tragacanth Gum Premium Quality

 Product of India  

Goond Katira (Tragacanth Gum) 

English name- Tragacanth gum  

Botanical name –Astragalus Gummifer 

German name -Kutira Gummi  

French name - Gomme Adragante  

Arabic Name - Katheera, Haloosiyaa  


What is katira?
Tragacanth gum or Gond katira comes from a shrub which is mostly found in Mid East, Iraq, and Iran and even in western Asia.Iran produces an enormous quantity of Gond Katira. It is a tree gum just like any of myrrh but is less common in products than other gums, such as guar gum or gum arabic.