Fresh Peeled whole Garlic Cloves - Ready Peeled Garlic

Fresh Peeled whole Garlic Cloves - Ready Peeled Garlic

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Fresh Peeled whole Garlic Cloves

#Ready Peeled Garlic 

Love garlic but hate peeling it? Well, those days are (thankfully) gone as you can now buy ready peeled Garlic from us ..

Ready Peeled Garlic Cloves
Fresh and full of flavour, ready to chop, crush or slice or roast whole!

Ready Peeled Fresh Garlic Cloves in the Resealable Bag.


Keep refrigerated below 5°C.

How do you store peeled garlic cloves?

Spread the garlic cloves onto a baking sheet and freeze them for about 20 minutes. Transfer them to a good air-tight freezer container and keep stored in the freezer. They will keep 8- to 12-months in the freezer. Use them in soups, salsas, etc. just as you normally use them.

Our freshly peeled whole garlic cloves are air peeled and 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives.

Storage & Handling Perishable – keep constantly refrigerated Stays fresh for up to 7 weeks Please refer to the “best used by” date Product Benefits

Our Fresh Peeled Garlic is ready to use whenever you are. Plus, there’s no prep, no waste, and no clean up!

More-information: Garlic has numerous therapeutic and health benefits as it’s rich in a variety of powerful sulphur containing compounds and Vitamin C.In fact, research has shown garlic can actually reduce blood triglycerides and total cholesterol all whilst having positive antibacterial properties.It can also protect your body from oxidative damage that leads to unwanted inflammation.

Need Large quantity ??
We are able to post you a box of 5 kg if you need more quantities .Let us know your requirements in whole sale rate .