Field Fayre All Seasons Mix Wild Bird Food 2.3Kg

Field Fayre All Seasons Mix Wild Bird Food 2.3Kg

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Field Fayre All Seasons Mix Wild Bird Food 2.3Kg


Product Description

  • Wild Bird Food All Seasons Mix
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  • Field Fayre Wild Bird Food is a natural and healthy diet. Prepared in the heart of the country by British farmers who understand and care about the birds which populate the countryside. The Field Fayre range gives them a helping hand by supplying many of the nutrients wild birds need, just as nature intended
  • As the seasons come and go, the natural rhythms of nature places different pressures on our wild bird population, which is why it is so important to feed regularly. Please maintain a supply of fresh water for your birds throughout the year.
  • Pet Food Manufacturers' Association, Wild Bird Group Member - Approved Seed Mix
  • Pack size: 2.3KG


Allergy Information

  • May contain traces of Nuts

Preparation and Usage

  • Feeding Tips
  • Our product are designed to attract a wide range of different species to your garden and by using them in combination with a variety of feeding stations you can increase both the numbers and range of birds enormously. Choose your feeding positions with care, giving your birds a clear line of sight so they can see danger easily. Try to select a spot close to a convenient perching point so they can approach with caution.
  • Feeding Wild Birds All Year Round
  • Whilst autumn & winter feeding are essential it should be remembered that spring & early summer are precisely the times of year when seed eating birds are most in need of help to get them through the demands of the breeding season. Although the chicks of most of these birds feed on insects, the adults feed on seeds, which are not available until late summer and early autumn.


  • Not suitable for human consumption.