Eat Natural Gluten Free Granola Buckwheat Seeds & Honey 425G

Eat Natural Gluten Free Granola Buckwheat Seeds & Honey 425G

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Eat Natural Gluten Free Granola Buckwheat Seeds & Honey 425G


Product Description

  • Gluten free oats with buckwheat, seeds and honey.
  • Eat Natural supports Plastic Bank and its work in reducing the impact of plastics on our oceans.
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  • Yes. You're right. We have changed the pack quite a bit. Apologies if you were struggling to find your favourite, delicious recipe.
  • So, it's panic over. It's the same gorgeous granola you've come to depend on. A wholesome blend of oats and crunchy seeds, with coconut, honey and buckwheat.
  • And, just as importantly, you can still rely on it all being completely gluten free.
  • By the way... hope you like the new look.
  • Eat Natural for breakfast
  • (at any time of the day)
  • Eat Natural 'for breakfast' is made with love and care, in small batches from simple, wholesome and delicious ingredients, at our very own 'Makery'. We never use any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
  • When we say 'natural', what exactly do we mean?
  • Well, clearly it would be wrong of us to claim that everything in this granola is '100% natural' and simply 'grows on trees'. Obviously, some of the ingredients need to be cleaned, dried and roasted too, and therefore, to some extent, 'processed'. It's just that we believe, the less we mess with it... the better it tastes. That's why we never add artificial flavours or colours, or any preservatives.
  • Simple... isn't it?
  • Gluten free
  • No refined sugars
  • High fibre
  • 27% seeds
  • OK for veggies... and also those that aren't
  • Pack size: 425G
  • High fibre



Mixed Seeds 27% (Sunflower Seeds 22%, Pumpkin Seeds 3%, Linseeds 2%), Gluten Free Oats 25%, Honey 15%, Buckwheat 10%, Rapeseed Oil, Shredded Coconut 8%, Pea Protein, Roasted Chickpeas

Allergy Information

  • May also contain Nuts, Peanuts, Soya, Sesame Seeds and Cow's Milk