100% Aloe Vera Gel Natural Aloevera Gel Extracted Fresh Aloe Leaf

100% Aloe Vera Gel Natural Aloevera Gel Extracted Fresh Aloe Leaf

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100% Aloe Vera Fresh Gel. Natural Leaf 0% Processed Extracted Alovera 




A pack of freshly extracted Aloe Gel from Mature Aloe Vera Leaves . Alovera .We do send fresh Gel extracting same day before sending via royal mail . Sometimes it may take longer time to Delivery in that case aloe Gel may look bad. If you like replacing it please send us message and we are happy to send you another Fresh Gel .Can Aloe Vera Gel be stored at room temperature?This container should keep air and water away from the aloe vera gel. Keep your aloe vera gel at room temperature or slightly cooler. You can store pure aloe vera gel for a prolonged period of time as long as you don't subject it to temperature extremes.Condition is New. Dispatched with Royal Mail 48

NOTE to all my customers :

As we all know all the supermarkets run out or sold out Hand wash ,sanitizer related products ,due to these people are looking a ways to make alovera gel hand wash in home , well am not expert as we are selling aloe vera gel and whole leaves from last 2 years . last week we get a lot orders of aloe vera gel suddenly when this virus outbreak in the news , we have been working hard to extract gels from you day /night . My wife is also helping to extract all the aloe vera gel in home Belive us its not an easy Task ...... last night I slept like 5 am to ful fill all the orders .....

Please wait with patience once you buy alovera Gel with us .

I have attached the link below so you could read how to make hand santitizer in home with aloe vera gel , or please google yourself ,there is lot of ways , we can provide you alovera gel anytime , just wait patiently y when you place the order

How do you make hand sanitizer with Aloe Vera Gel?

To make, mix aloe vera gel, optional glycerin, and rubbing alcohol in a small bowl.Add cinnamon essential oil and tea tree oil along with a drop or two of any other oils you want to add for scent. ...Mix well and add distilled water (or colloidal/ionic silver) to thin to desired consistency.
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