Spices Dabba | Spice Box/Masala Dabba with 7 Comparments Size 12

Spices Dabba | Spice Box/Masala Dabba with 7 Comparments Size 12

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Stainless Steel Spice Box | 7 Spaces for Spices | Authentic Spice Box | Gift for Foodie | Gift for Chef | Spice Dabba | Size 12 Stainless Steel Masala Dabba Round Spice Box With Clear Top Lid, Wedding Gift Authentic Spice Box | Size 12

Note : you will get Masala Dabba with out Spices unless you choose with Spices 🙂



A stainless steel spice box (masala dabba) is vital to anyone serious about cooking authentic Indian food, no Indian cook would be without one
It is made from Stainless Steel and is polished to a mirror finish and topped with a clear lid
The masala dabba comes with 7 individual compartments that are removable and allow all the main spices for any dish to be available in one hand
Base and bowls dishwasher safe. Lid is not dishwasher safe.



Spice Box and with 7 Spices spaces, Stainless steel box includes individual container with see through glass lid and spoon.

* Great spices for Indian cooking.
* Designed to managed spices in one box.
* Perfect gift for anyone interested in cooking.

Everyone do like unique gifts like spice box including spices on birthdays, anniversaries, graduation or other special occasions.

Spice box size: 12 

Choose your option to buy only Spice box or Spice box with Spices.

You will get all these Spices when you choose Masala Dabba With Spices

Spice box includes spices in separate Pack 
1. Green Cardamom (15 to 20 pieces)
2. Coriander seeds (50g)
3. Fennel seeds (50 g)
4. Cumin seeds (30 g)
5. Cloves (15 to 20 pieces)
6. Star Anise (10 pieces)
7. Mustard seeds (25g)
8. Red chili powder (50g)
9. Turmeric powder (25g)
10. Coriander Powder (25g)
11. Garam Masala (50)
12. Mango Powder 25g

13. Cinnamon Sticks 10g

14.Black Salt 25g 

15. Chilli Whole Dry 20g 

16. Tandoori powder 50g

17. Madras Hot Powder 50g

18. Fenugreek Seeds 25g

19. Bay leaves 10g 

20. Ajwain Seeds 50g